“What Did You Learn Today?”

26 Jul

Thank you! I enjoyed the class very much!

Blogging has never been a “thing” of mine. I intended to start one with Tumblr but the widgets, sidebars, and accessories that come with it just confused me, so I avoided it. I love the idea of actually writing and devoted my time to a written journal. However, this class added a new level of journalism that never came to mind.

I definitely got a glimpse of both the old and new media. Our local newspaper doesn’t do much with their online website. In fact, the Navajo Times has a better website – and it’s easier to navigate. And they are located on the Navajo Reservation. If I intern at The Daily Times again, hopefully I can use my newly sharpened multimedia skills.

One thing I learned for sure is writing a blog can get you seen; use the blog as a live resume or portfolio. I always wondered how future employers would see my stories from our local newspaper, The Daily Times. I figured I would need to do it “old school” and show the employers the newspaper clippings. There’s only one story that caught on the wire, which they may find easily – Cowboys & Aliens. Now, it only takes a few paragraphs, a couple clicks, and I can link my article to my blog.

This course did a great job with bringing in a variety of professionals; each instructor with a specialty in sort of journalism platform, such as print journalism, blogging, writing books, freelancing, or writing reviews.  I had no idea how to write a review or an opinion piece. I am generally not an opinionated person because I believe that you should adjust and overcome any obstacle. Each instructor critiqued a different part of my pieces and it made each one stronger.

Rohan Daft was another favourite part of the class. He amazed me with his background: writing the gossip column for the London Evening Standard, writing a couple Spanish cookbooks, freelancing, teaching at a university in Spain, and writing a blog for Richard James, a Savile Row tailor company. His experience was impressive but I admired his sense of adventure the most. He moved to Spain one day without money and a job, and didn’t know the language. I admire people who have the bravery to do such things and hope to do the same one day, but move to South America.

On another note, I was familiar with all the fieldwork we needed to do, such as going out to get interviews, capturing photos, recording video. It came naturally and I learned one or two things from here.  I loved learning a new video-editing program, Adobe Premiere Pro. Reza said that with journalism going the way it’s going, it’s a brilliant idea to know a few video-editing programs because each newspaper, computer, or future employer will be different. Knowing how to work a variety of programs will make you stand out as well.

Blogging was the major multimedia platform that I wanted to gain knowledge in. Linking, adding photos and videos is like collaging. Hopefully, my blogging skills develop as well as researching because that is where the stories are. A journalist digs and digs to find the right story.

I also never realised that blogging does have a connection with social media. And the video showed to us during the first few days of class was fantastic.

Overall, I am certainly glad I took this course! I took a variety of journalism courses in Colorado and South Dakota so this definitely expanded my knowledge and broadened my resources. I believe that creating a blog for our athletic training program at Fort Lewis College would be great to add another medium to our website and I can combine my major and minor. I hope to keep my blog going for professional purposes as well and keep up with my personal one because you will improve each time you write.

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